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Case study



Rubitek works with employers and training providers to help them support their apprentices and learners through a cloud-based learning management platform. The company provide a superior learning journey that ensures full learner engagement and training completion.

The problem

Rubitek were looking for a new versatile management platform to optimise how training providers support their students complete their learning. The company’s current system lacked sufficient functionality and couldn’t deliver on supporting the future growth of the business.

Their system lacked the facility to create branded platforms for clients, the function to update learning records to secure funding, and to provide real-time service delivery insights.

Our approach

We began by reviewing the current platform and gaining an understanding of Rubitek’s business processes and requirements. During our whole discussion, we kept training providers, as the most frequent users of the platform, at the forefront of our thinking.

Following our consultation process, we were able to identify what functions the new platform needed to fulfil, which included the end-to-end journey, from enrolment and delivery, to financial and funding applications.

One of the priorities was digitising data entry to secure public funding for apprenticeship training. Within the apprentice industry, recording training data within Individualised Learner Records (ILR) is imperative to secure government funding. The ability to record this data accurately and assess it easily was therefore a core element to incorporate into the new system.

Our software development also needed to:

  • Provide clients with full visibility of a student’s journey
  • Allow a client’s dashboard to be white labelled, enabling them to take brand ownership of the platform
  • Reduce admin time by automating workflows
  • Provide a user-friendly interface
  • Data accuracy based on cross workstream checks
  • Provide the training syllabus for each course with a scoring system
  • Enable documents to be live updated with comments, changes, and edits from staff and the individual learner
  • Protect digital data with e-signatures

The new platform also needed to support flexible workflows, where each client could operate their own processes and procedures, safeguarded by embedding Rubitek’s best practice experience in delivering learning success and compliance.

The outcome

Rubitek’s new client-facing platform delivers an excellent end-to-end service to training providers and companies, offering them a fully automated method to manage training provision.

Through their individual training dashboard, managers can check their statistics, or if they’re a training provider, edit the syllabus and check a student’s progress. With the ability to migrate and export data from the programme, Rubitek’s clients now have great flexibility in how this data can be used within their organisation.

Their students benefit from better retention, completion and progression outcomes, while the clients benefit from automated workflows, reduced admin time and service delivery insights. With an integrated apprenticeship reporting function, the improved platform also support continuous funding success for their clients.

Designed to scale with the business, with the capacity for further functionality and development phases, White Cobalt look forward to helping Rubitek continue their journey.

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