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How we work

Meeting the transformation challenge

We understand business transformation is a challenging prospect. Implementing new ways of working can be disruptive without the right approach. At White Cobalt, our DTaaS model is designed to take the trauma out of tech and deliver a seamless service to our customers, where we become connected into your management team.

Commercial objectives

Together we set the strategic direction of your business transformation by discovering your key commercial objectives. This becomes the cornerstone that measures our success.

Deep dive

Focusing on your strategic direction, our experts complete a full analysis of your current business systems. They determine what processes are holding your business back and determine the pathway needed to achieve your future ambitions. With expert insight we help you achieve your goals and look beyond what you think is possible.

Process design

We analyse your workflows using the industry standard process mapping tool, Six Sigma, to find out what is and isn’t working, and then establish how to make your workflows more effective. You’ll receive the reassurance that you have the best process design in place to suit your business needs.


Each stage in the process is defined in a roadmap, clearly indicating the project’s direction and what to expect and when. You’ll receive clarity and confidence that your investment is moving you towards your goals and that everything aligns with your commercial objectives and strategic plan.

Software development

Our technical team develop the cloud-based software to support your tailored workflows, building everything you need to meet your business objectives.

Project management

The whole process is expertly managed to ensure the project runs smoothly from beginning to end. We ensure your people are fully engaged, and contribute and embrace each phase of the digital transformation.

Seamless implementation

Our DTaaS model has been designed to ensure the successful implementation of new digital processes, without causing disruption to your business. By introducing incremental changes your team is able to adapt to each new process gradually, without one big switch. They will receive full support to help them embrace the new systems, giving them confidence in the move to digital transformation.


We believe successful projects are delivered through clear communication, transparency and collaboration and we strive to work with openness, honesty and accountability. Our senior management team have an open-door policy and you’ll always have clear sight of how your investment is impacting on your business.

Get in touch to discover how your business can thrive with our Digital Transformation as a Service.